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 Central Credit Group Inc. can help correct the misinformation, inaccurate or obsolete information from your credit reports. Just takes time, determination, patience and above all experience. Always remember these words "First credit, then success"

Good credit is essential so that our goal is consumer protection. We are very willing to answer all your questions, welcome you to our offices in Kissimmee, Orlando and West Palm Beach in the state of Florida, visiting you in the comfort of your home and / or office or serve them via e-mail, fax , phone and email ..

Financial freedom is one of the most important aspects in our life. Our experience has created the right atmosphere for a successful outcome.
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Felix J. Rivera - President                                                                                                                        Central Credit Group Inc.





 Central Credit Group inc. is a company dedicated to credit repair, serving consumers in the area: Orlando, Kissimmee, Deltona, West Palm Beach, Miami .... In general all sectors of South and Central Florida. Through our headquarters in Central Florida (Kissimmee). Note: The credit restoration is not just for consumers with impaired or credit (bad credit) but also for those who have good credit but need to give an (update) to get their best interests in loans.

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